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Video explaining the Calf Monitoring System

Video Script

Many calves get sick in the first weeks of life after birth. However, farmers do not have all-day time for intensive observation of the animals, as they have to perform a variety of tasks. Nevertheless, they want to be informed about the state of health of their calves at all times.

For many diseases, rapid treatment is important in order to mitigate the course of the disease and get each calf well reared. For example, every hour counts in the case of diarrheal diseases.

With the Calf Monitoring System, we offer you peace of mind: Our innovative sensor system monitors your calves around the clock, seven days a week, from the first day of life and detects outbreaks of disease up to three days in advance. Our patented approach detects conspicuous changes in the behavior of your animals and notifies you directly via your smartphone if necessary. You decide when and how many notifications you want to receive: For example, we can warn you directly if there is an increased risk of disease. In this way, you have an overview of your calves even if you are not able to be on site at the time, and you have the opportunity to care for the affected animals immediately. Using the latest sensor technology and intelligent algorithms, your animals are monitored with the highest precision. In this way, we ensure that no disease is overlooked if possible. Installation is child’s play: Simply attach our mounting plates within three minutes per calf hutch, fix the gateway in an elevated position nearby if possible, download the Calf Monitoring App and be informed about the health status of your calves at all times.

With one sensor, up to 35 calves can be monitored consecutively. If required, our system can even automatically log your animals in and out so that you can start immediately and have time for other tasks.

Our system has been awarded the silver medal and the animal welfare award at EuroTier 2021, the world’s largest exhibition for animal husbandry. Start with us today into the future of calf rearing. We look forward to your inquiry.

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