Patrick Zimmer grew up in a rural village in Bavaria and studied sensor technology & analytics. At the end of 2016, a farmer friend told Patrick Zimmer about the problem of the many calf diseases and wanted to know if it was possible to develop a sensor system that would detect sick calves at an early stage. The goal was to reduce mortality rates, mitigate disease progression, and reduce time spent in calf care. After several prototypes and many tests on dairy farms, it was shown that an optical sensor attached to the fence or poles of a calf hutch can accurately measure calf behavior and our algorithm can reliably interpret this into behavior patterns. Based on this, disease predictions can be derived. This can support dairy farms in their calf management.


Our goal is to produce forward-looking technology for farmers. With the Calf Monitoring System, we want to provide dairy farms and calf fattening operations with technical support in animal monitoring that will make their calf management more successful. 

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