Mounting of the Sensors

2 metal plates, using 2-4 wing nuts and 2-4 carriage bolts to press the sensor to the calf hutch fence. 

The mounting plates allow flexible mounting of the sensor, because the screws can be placed along the recesses and the principle via contact pressure is applicable to almost all calf hutches. It is important that the screws are placed as close as possible to bars, the sensor is placed centrally (not too far to the left, not too far to the right), the drinker is not in the way and little is soiled. Screwing usually takes 2-3 minutes. 

Stainless steel plate:

250mm long, 35mm wide, material 1.4301 (V2A), t=3, sensor screw holes 4.5mm, wing nut screw recesses 6.2mm.


  • Sensor screws M4x10 Torx (T20 bit)
  • carriage bolt M6x30 (DIN 603), tlws. x20, x40 (depending on rod/fence)
  • Wing nut M6 (DIN 315)

Mounting of the Gateways

The gateway is to be plugged into a nearby socket (protected from rain) (permanently). It can be screwed to e.g. a wooden beam by means of an included angle bracket made of aluminum. The antenna is to be placed as high as possible and at best magnetized to a higher iron object via the magnetic base.