How It Works

Non-Invasive Sensor system

The sensor system is attached to the fence of the calf pen or to the rods of a calf pen (single housing). Then this optical sensor records the behavior pattern of the calf. This data is sent to the gateway.  There, an algorithm starts to identify disease-prone calves. The disease-prone calves are displayed in the Calf Monitoring App. Immediate notifications (push messages or instant notifications) inform the farmer as soon as possible about calves that are susceptible to disease. In the app, illnesses, treatments and temporal progressions can be documented and viewed.


The optical sensor can record the behavior of the calf.


The gateway is the electronics that receives the data from the sensors on the farm and sends it to our servers. It should be permanently plugged into a power outlet (protected from rain) and the antenna should be fixed on an elevated position.


An algorithm assesses calf behavioral data and attempts to identify calves susceptible to disease. 

App (ioS, Android)

In the Calf Monitoring app, you can view the current predictions of the algorithm as well as all previous predictions on an hourly basis. An evaluation of the temporal course of the abnormality predictions in the overall context of the operational events in the calf barn enables you to observe calves more closely and as early as possible, to treat them if necessary or even to initiate treatment measures directly. The Calf Monitoring System offers you support in the animal monitoring of your calves. In the Calf Monitoring app you can also see the previous data on your calves. You can also export this data and integrate it into your herd management system. This allows you to assess the history of your cows even years later, to have documentation about your cows at hand from the 1st day of life after birth.

Calf Monitoring App in the App Store: