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To be able to care for and monitor calves more intensively and protect them from contagious diseases in the herd, they are kept in individual housing for the first one to three weeks. This is where the Calf Monitoring System, the innovative health monitoring and management system for calves, comes in.

An optical sensor is attached to each calf pen to record the calf’s behavioral patterns. The sensor system sends this data to the gateway, where algorithms evaluate the data and identify disease-prone calves one to three days before the outbreak. Calves with a high risk of disease appear as instant messages on your smartphone.

You will also receive recommended steps for a treatment, which can be documented in the app. The data is stored so that it still provides you with valuable information later.

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Costs of calf diseases and potential savings

The average calf mortality in dairy cattle is currently around 10 – 15 %. In addition, various calf diseases cause significant economic damage. Learn how to prevent diseases in your calves with our Calf Monitoring System in this article.

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