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Cattle breeders worldwide face high costs due to the morbidity and mortality rate of calves in the first weeks of life. The mortality rate of newborn calves in Germany alone is 15%. By detecting diseases earlier, the Calf Monitoring System can help farmers to reduce this rate.

Calf Monitoring | For farmers worldwide.

Two-thirds of losses in the rearing phase are due to diarrhea and respiratory diseases. A diarrheal disease with a severe course costs the farmer about €263, not including the late effects.

You can save these costs and the associated worries about the animals concerned with the Calf Monitoring System:

Cost savings per calf

Farmers using the system can expect milder disease progression and lower calf mortality. Not to mention lower treatment costs, more time spent on additional care of sick calves, and associated high labor costs.

Acquisition costs

The costs of the Calf Monitoring System are absolutely transparent. You only pay for the purchase per sensor and gateway. There are no usage fees or service charges. Due to the longevity of the system, calves can be monitored for the next approximately six years.

Late effects such as a lower milk yield of 500 kg per lactation will cost you about 540 €, while the Calf Monitoring System will only cost you 3-5 € per calf. This is worthwhile for small and large farms.

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Costs of calf diseases and potential savings

The average calf mortality in dairy cattle is currently around 10 – 15 %. In addition, various calf diseases cause significant economic damage. Learn how to prevent diseases in your calves with our Calf Monitoring System in this article.