Now and in the future.

For a better calf management.

Futuro Farming | Für ein besseres Kälbermanagement.

The Calf Monitoring System not only gives you early disease detection but also science-based recommendations on treatments and options for accurate documentation.

You can access important knowledge about your animals years after the calf is born in the app. You can also export this data. If a cow produces too little milk, you can see from the history which abnormalities the animal had as a calf and thus gain important insights into rearing.

Other data also enrich your calf management with more knowledge about your animals, such as the influences of feeding, climate, etc. By combining all data, new insights into your calf management can be gained. Thus, the influence of decisions such as a change in feeding on the growth and health of the animals can be made visible.

Finally, you can also document in the app who has carried out which measures on your farm, as the data is documented in one place to which every employee has access.