All components together.

An innovative system.

To keep an eye on the management and health of your calves, all you need with our Calf Monitoring System is one sensor per pen, one gateway per calf area, and the Calf Monitoring App. A four-year warranty on the entire system provides you with long-term monitoring of your calves.

On the following pages, you will learn how these individual components work and how they interact to contribute to optimized management and reliable health monitoring of your calves.

Excellent data collection.

Effortless and secure.

The precise infrared sensor is attached once to the pens. It reliably collects the calves’ movement data, from which intelligent algorithms gain valuable insights.

The infrared transmitter is not a camera but measures the movement of the calves. Before calves become visibly ill, i.e. drink less, have a fever, and show clinical symptoms, their movement pattern changes. This is detected by the Calf Monitoring System.

To ensure the longest possible service life on farms, the sensor is completely protected inside from moisture and ammonia with a special electronics encapsulation. This allows the sensor to remain in the box even during cleaning. In addition, the battery-powered system comes with a four-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Calf Monitoring | Montage des Sensors

Mounting the sensors

Calf Monitoring | Der Sensor im Detail

Close up of the Sensor

Calf Monitoring | Ausgezeichnete Datensammlung.
Calf Monitoring | Produktfoto des Sensors

Always on.

For rapid reactions when your calves need you.

The gateway connects to the Internet via mobile communications with an integrated SIM card. It receives the data from up to 150 sensors and transmits them to our secure servers in Germany. Automatically and free of charge via mobile internet, alternatively via your wifi or LAN. This gives you easy access to our sophisticated health analyses of your calves.

The only prerequisite for seamless data reception is that the gateway must be permanently connected to a power outlet and the antenna must be fixed in an elevated position with a good radio link to the sensors. Due to its jet water-protected housing, the gateway can also be mounted outside.

Calf Monitoring | Unser Gateway
Calf Monitoring | Unser Gateway im Einsatz

Gateway mounted in a elevated position

Calf Monitoring | Produktfoto des Gateways
Calf Monitoring | Produktfoto der Rückansicht des Gateways

Worldwide unparalleled.

Our extensive data set.

Our innovative algorithms reliably evaluate calf data and determine precise early warnings through artificial intelligence. They are based on a globally unparalleled data set with over 10,000 calves from more than 100 farms in 20 countries. As a result, our algorithms have learned to recognize changes in the animals’ behavior as early as possible.

We accomplished this by comparing the individual calf’s changing movement patterns over the last few hours with the patterns of sick calves in the database and with other monitored calves on the farm. Weather data is also integrated.

Always and everywhere available.

Mobile app and desktop application.

Get comprehensive health information on your calves in both our mobile app and desktop application. Whether you are in the barn or on the road, the data is always available to you with the mobile app. You can enter your data while standing by the calf.

The desktop application is ideal for you if you prefer to work on a PC. The larger screen allows you to view calf data in detail and analyze it more precisely. The PC is also the place to compare data with other systems and manage interfaces.

The Calf Monitoring App – Your benefits now…

The Calf Monitoring App sends you early warnings and offers you recommendations for treatments that are based on the latest scientific findings. In addition, you can enter all your calf-specific information such as colostrum, feeding, birth weight, etc. Furthermore, current predictions of the algorithms can be viewed every hour as well as all previous predictions.

…and later.

The Calf Monitoring App also provides you with important insights for the future by documenting the history of your cows from the first day of life and keeping it constantly available for you.

Calf Monitoring | Mobile app and desktop application.
Calf Monitoring | Mobile app and desktop application.

This allows you to explore the causes of why an animal for example produces less milk in its history. This provides a fundamental basis of data for decisions, for example, when selling the animals. You can also view the effects of your management decisions retrospectively to optimize decisions in the future.

We are currently working on interfaces to other herd management systems to make the system even more efficient for you. Download the Calf Monitoring App for free from the App Store and familiarize yourself with the simple and advanced system: The demo mode gives you an interactive insight into an exemplary system with real movement and prediction data.

If you already have an account, you can also access your data in the browser via our Web App.

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Costs of calf diseases and potential savings

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