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The Correct mounting position of the Calf Monitoring System
The Calf Monitoring System helps you keep an even closer eye on the […]
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Calf Monitoring | Management­empfehlungen Kolostrum­versorgung
Management Recommendations: Neonatal diarrhea
Approximately 50% of all calf losses are due to diarrheal diseases. Yet many […]
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Calf Monitoring | Durchfallerkrankungen bei Kälber
Management recommendations: respiratory diseases
Respiratory diseases, along with diarrhea, are the most common diseases in calves from […]
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Calf Monitoring | Eine einzigartige Gesundheitsüberwachung.
Management recommendations: Colostrum supply
The most important part when it comes down to the management of newborn […]
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Calf Monitoring | Nabelentzündung bei Kälber
Management recommendations: Umbilical infections
Umbilical infections, along with diarrhea and respiratory diseases, are among the three most […]
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