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For calves and farmers.

Calf Monitoring | Benefits for calves and farmers.

Everyone benefits from the Calf Monitoring System: Its intelligent monitoring of calf movement behavior and subsequent evaluation and documentation offer advantages to you and your animals alike:

The early detection of diseases and correspondingly rapid intervention ensures milder courses of disease and lower mortality. This supports optimal calf development and increases animal welfare.

At up to 500 kg per lactation, a single lung disease in a calf already results in a significantly lower milk yield for the cow. Early treatment helps to mitigate the course of the disease as best as possible and protect against costly late effects.

Today's knowledge of calf health provides a valuable basis for sound data-based decisions in the future. For example, disease history is an important factor in selecting animals for breeding or sale.

Healthy calves have higher growth rates and later higher milk yields. Using the Calf Monitoring System saves time and money on time-consuming treatments and expensive medications. As a result, its purchase pays for itself after just a few cases of diseases.

There is always more than enough to do on farms. The time you save by using the Calf Monitoring System can be used for other tasks. In addition, you can be sure that the calf health data will always be consistently objective - regardless of the farmers in charge.