In the beginning, a problem.

Today, a forward-thinking company.

In 2016, one of the largest dairy farms in Bavaria reported the previously unsolved problem of high disease and mortality rates in calves in the first weeks of life.

After evaluating the problem and realizing that this challenge exists for many farms worldwide, we started to consider technical implementations. The successful approval of the patent was followed by the establishment of the company in 2018.

Right from the start, we founded a highly qualified and interdisciplinary team with previous experience in entrepreneurship, product development, and agriculture.

Step by step, we developed over the last few years into a company that has been successfully supporting farmers worldwide with the Calf Monitoring System in their calf management since 2021.

With joint force.

To a solution-oriented partner.

Our interdisciplinary team enables our company to develop pioneering technology for farmers. Right from the start, we were determined to combine all the necessary expertise in our team.

Thus, we have competencies in the fields of agriculture, sensor technology, computer science, and business administration.

Through close networking with universities as well as innovation and technology centers, we continuously incorporate the latest scientific and technical findings to further develop ourselves and our products for you.

Our team.

Your experts.

Futuro Farming GmbH | Alexander Zacharuk, CEO

Alexander Zacharuk, CEO

Futuro Farming GmbH | Alexander Schoenenwald, Head of Software

Alexander Schoenenwald, Head of Software

Futuro Farming GmbH | Dr. Stefan Weigl, Technikleitung

Dr. Stefan Weigl, Head of Technology

Futuro Farming GmbH | Patrick Zimmer, Produktleitung

Patrick Zimmer, Head of Product

Futuro Farming GmbH | Jens Eckberg, Finanzleitung

Jens Eckberg, Head of Finance