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From the first day of life.

All health data of your calves at a glance.

Our award-winning Calf Monitoring System is the first health monitoring and management system for calves in individual housing. From the first day of life, it provides you with important information for your modern calf management. 

The integrated early warning system detects calf diseases up to three days before the outbreak, even before symptoms appear. In this way, it helps to reduce severe disease progression, maintains health, and increases the calves’ performance and animal welfare in the long term.

The durable system consists of reliable sensors, intelligent algorithms and an advanced app and web application. The seamless monitoring by the sensors always provides you with all the health data of your calves at a glance, without you having to observe yourself. This data is stored and can be complemented with your inputs.

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An optical sensor is attached to each calf pen to record the calf’s behavioural patterns. The sensor system sends this data to the gateway, where algorithms evaluate the data and identify disease-prone calves one to three days before the outbreak.

Futuro Farming | Our Calf Monitoring System in use

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We were skeptical that it would show the disease a day before, but it definitely did! The app sounded the alarm and we showed it to our vet. And we found nothing there! It was totally inconspicuous. And a day later the calf had a thick navel!

Calf Monitoring System | Alfons Ranzinger
Alfons Ranzinger,
Dairy farmer from Germany

The disease progressions must be minimized or overall prevented to achieve a strong milk yield. With the Calf Monitoring System, I can see precisely which calves are moving less and behaving conspicuous. This allows me to observe and act preventively and precisely upon upcoming diseases.

Calf Monitoring System | Josef Hamperl
Josef Hamperl,
Dairy farmer from Germany

The Calf Monitoring System enables me to detect outbreaking diseases at an early stage and treat them in the best possible way. This has already enabled us to reduce the mortality rate of our calves from 7% to 3%.

Calf Monitoring System | Testimonials
Martina Zollner,
Dairy Farmer from Germany

The Calf Monitoring System helps me to detect diseases even earlier and by using the apps recommended actions, we can treat them more effectively in cooperation with our veterinarian.

Calf Monitoring System | Testimonials
Verena Hussmann,
Dairy Farmer from Germany

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