Calf Monitoring

The early warning system for calf diseases. Predicts disease patterns of calves 1-3 days before they break out

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The Problem

On average, 10% of calves die due to sickness

80% of calves get sick within the first 10 days after birth

The genetic potential of calves degrades over time as they suffer from so many diseases

The Impact

Cattle Farmers suffer economically: They lose €200 for each dead calf

Cattle farmers have high medical costs of €80 for each sick calf

Cattle farmers lose > €50 in revenue for each sick calf because of reduced weight

The Solution:

Early Warning System for Calf Diseases

Save Money by Predicting & Preventing Diseases before they break out


We provide you with sensors for your calf hutches. Then, we collect data.

Data Analytics

We analyze the data and identify potential diseases breaking out.


You get a notification on your computer or smartphone informing you about diseases that will break out in a couple of days.

Most diseases can be identified 1-3 days prior to breaking out. Can be used for calves one day after birth. This means that you save a lot of time, a lot of medical costs and more lives of your calves.
A highly accurate, very early and very economical solution.

Calf Monitor
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Early Warning System for Calf Diseases

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